Wireless Network Solution

The Dataveyor™ Wi-Fi solution was purposefully designed for the underground mining environment. The access point is combined with a back-up battery, charger, circuit breaker and two 100 meter transmission cables. All the components are housed in an enclosure proven to work on dozens of underground mines. The system uses a fibre backbone to connect with the mine’s network.

Key features include:

  • MAC address filtering
  • VLAN and SSID configuration
  • Able to push software updates to movable equipment and connect to movable devices
  • Dedicate hardware running an opensource access point application which provides a basic networking feature set
  • Continuous Wi-Fi connectivity along the entire 100 meter length of the transmission cable

The benefits include:

  • Extended coverage, beyond line of sight, reduces the latency of data to surface
  • The system reduces the amount of access points or repeaters required, resulting in significant cost savings
  • The system is a very affordable and durable Wi-Fi solution designed for the underground environment

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